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Investment managers

AXA IM Alts is a leading global player in Alternative Credit with 75+ dedicated investment professionals across Europe and the US, including proprietary credit analysis and trading1. Today AXA IM Alts manages over €48bn1 across our Alternative credit platform1.


1. Source: AXA IM Alts as at December 2023

Strong experience in CLO investments

AXA IM Alts is an experienced investor in CLOs with a long track record managing CLO investment strategies through credit cycles.

We have been investing in CLO tranches since inception of the market in 1999 and manage more than €22 billion in CLO tranches for our clients. Our teams benefit from the size and firepower of the AXA Group as well as state-of-the-art research and proprietary tools.

Our top-down and bottom-up approach is an essential part of AXA IM Alts’ CLO portfolio construction and risk allocation, which we believe is crucial in the securitisation space. Asset selection is based on our team’s thorough credit assessment of each investment.

Our 20+ years’ experience in CLO investing has allowed the team to develop the necessary expertise, relationships and sourcing capabilities in various market constituents which we believe are key drivers to our success.

AXA IM Alts has been the Investment Manager of Volta Finance Limited (“Volta”) since inception.

Information about AXA Investment Managers is only informative. We do not guarantee the fact that staff remain employed by AXA Investment Managers and exercise or continue to exercise in the Secured Finance team of AXA Investment Managers.



Annualised since inception 1



Annualised of 5 years 1



1 month 1



NAV as of March 2024 1



Trailing 12-month Div. Yield 1

Prioritising Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) & Responsible Investing (RI)

As a company, AXA IM maintains an active dialogue with originators on climate change risks/ issues, requesting them to systematically comply with our exclusion policies (climate change, soft commodities, controversial weapons, palm oil and coal) and our ESG standards (tobacco, defence, UN global compact controversies and low ESG quality).

We use a proprietary ESG scoring framework for all our investments, where we analyse the jurisdiction, counterparty and the asset.

Being able to provide accurate ESG reporting to our clients, for example reporting on carbon footprints, is a strategic priority for the firm and AXA IM is developing its resources in investment platforms to accelerate this topic.

1  Source: Volta Finance Ltd Monthly Report - March 2024

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